Programme June 9


Icebreaker party

The opening of the 2019 edition of POAC will take place on Sunday the 9th of June. All participants will be welcomed at the Icebreaker Party at the former TU Delft Library, De Oude Bibliotheek. This is an inspiring historic building, which triggers memories for the older generations of Delft-trained engineers. Some followed lectures when the adjacent wing was still the Faculty of Civil Engineering, others remember their favourite study spots for exam preparation, while many also remember it as the location of the largest student party of the 20th century. Today, De Oude Bibliotheek continues its history in the making as a home to offshore industry training. For more information on the building and the institute for offshore industry training, DOB-academy, visit their website: DOB.

During the evening drinks and bites will be served.

The registration desk will be open.

It is a 15 minute walk from Delft train station to De Oude Bibliotheek. Alternatively, you can take a taxi at the train station. Find the direction on google maps here: De Oude Bibliotheek.


17:45 - 21:00Registration desk openDe Oude Bibliotheek
18:00 - 21:00Icebreaker party
De Oude Bibliotheek